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    Intelligent integration
    Fully automated production
    All-in-one turnkey solutions provider
    YIZUMI Intelligent Die Casting Island focuses on providing a complete set of turnkey solutions for industrial production processes like robotic automated intelligent manufacturing systems, peripheral equipment, and related technical support and services. It meets the fully automated production needs of the die-casting industry and completes the full set of automated production processes such as robot take-out, inlaying, spraying, product cooling, de-slagging, trimming, engraving, conveying, etc. in the die-casting and post-processing related industries, and is suitable for different die-casting production lines.

    Application Highlights

    Easy central integrated control

    Adopting well-known brand PLC and high-definition touch screen, with the human-machine dialogue interface which is constantly optimized according to the needs of customers' front-line operators, it can conveniently carry out quick view of information and set and read alarms detection for various parameters, etc.

    Diverse selections, stronger performance

    Whether it's a highly flexible general die-casting cell for small quantities or a special product line with high output and efficiency, we are experienced in supporting the automation of all types of die-casting products and we explore the deep needs of our customers to improve your return on investment.

    Compact, robust and reliable

    Low maintenance expenses, effective operation, and long service life. High output levels are attained.

    Removal and insertion robot system

    Experienced in designing claw hands for various types of inlay pieces, the precise material handle arms and product robot arms ensure stable and reliable gripping.

    Sprayer robot system

    Advanced design concepts, accurate control, manually programmable and adjustable spray time, spray point and spray amount.

    Optional automated peripherals

    A variety of peripheral equipment could be integrated into the die casting cell for different products production and customer needs.

    Product Video

    4500T intelligent die casting cell

    1250T intelligent die casting cell

    Service Process

    Process/Mold Analyse and Design
    • Raw materials selection
    • Product design
    • Mold flow analysis
    • Mold design suggestion
    Equipment Selection Suggestions
    • Product performance
    • Product quality
    • Ease of use
    • Safety requirements
    Whole Plant Planning Advice
    • Planning of production line
    • Arrangements for people, machines, and materials according to process flow
    • Peripheral automation
    • Smart connection
    Delivery Solutions
    • Professional installation and debugging
    • On-site operation training
    • Molding process training
    After Sales Solutions
    • YFO services
    • Preventive maintenance
    • Device upgrade
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